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They were very fond of each other, and the thought that her brother was to be separated from her for a while was painful to the girl. Frank kissed

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her again, and said, "I sha'n't be gone long, Mary, and I'll bring you such lots of nice things

when I come back." Then there was another kiss, and Mary concluded she would have her cry some other time. "But you won't let him go all alone, father, now, will you?" she asked as they sat down to bre

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  • "And you'll let me go with them, won't you, fa
  • ther?" he answered. "Yes, my boy," sa
  • id the father, "you can go." Frank was so full of joy
  • that he couldn't speak for at least a cou
  • ple of minutes. He threw his arms around Mr. Bassett
  • ; then he kissed his mother and his sister Mary,
  • who had just come into the room; next he danc
  • ed around the table on one foot; then he

hugged his dog Nero, who wondered

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akfast. "I think I could go alone," replied Frank, proudly, "and take care of myself without anybody's help; but I'm going with Cou


sin Fred and Doctor Bronson." "Better say Doctor Bronson and Cousin Fred," Mary answered, with a smile; "the Doctor is Fred's uncle


and twenty years older." Frank corrected the mistake he had made, and said he was too much excited to remember all about the

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r and etiquette. He had even forgotten that he was hungry; at any rate, he had lost his appetite, and hardly touched the juicy steak and steaming potatoes that were before him. During b

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reakfast, Mr. Bassett explained to Mary the

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outline of the proposed journey. Doctor Bron

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son was going to Japan and China, and was to be accompanied by his nephew, Fred Bronson, who was ver

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y nearly Frank's age. Frank had asked his father's permission to join them, and Mr. Bassett had been considering the matter. He

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found that it would be very agreeable to Doctor Bronson and Fred to have Frank's company, and as the opportu

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  • nity was an excellent one for the youth to see

  • something of foreign lands under the excellent care

    time F
  • of the Doctor, it did not take a long time for him

    rank had recovered t
  • to reach a favorable decision. "Doctor Bronson has

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    ngue, and was able to ex by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    been there before, hasn't he, father?" said Mary, when the explanation was ended. "Certainly, my child," was the reply; "he has been twice around the world, and has seen nearly every civilized and uncivilized country in it.[Pg 19] He speaks three or four languages fluently, and knows something of half a dozen others. Five years ago

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    he was in Japan and China, and he is acquainted with many people living there. Don't you remember how he told us one evening about visiting a Japanese prince, and sitting cross-legged on the floor for half an hour, while they ate a dinner of boiled rice and stewed fish, and drank hot wine from little cups the size of a thimble?" M

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    ords. When the excitemen by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ary remembered it all, and then declared she was glad Frank was going to Japan, and also glad that he was going with Doctor Bronson. And she added that the Doctor would know the best places for buying the presents Frank was to bring home. "A crape shawl for mother, and another for me; now don't you forget," said Mary; "and some fan

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    s and some ivory combs, and some of those funny little cups and saucers such as Aunt Amelia has, and some nice tea to drink out of them." "Anything else?" Frank asked. "I don't know just now," Mary answered; "I'll read all I can about Japan and China before you start, so's I can know all they make, and[Pg 20] then I'll write out

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nk retorted, "you'd better wrap your list around a bushel of money. It'll take a good deal to buy the whole of those two countries." Mary said she would be satisfied w

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what had happened to make Frank fly around so. "Why, he's going to Japa

n," said Mrs. Bassett. [Pg 18] "Going to Japan, an
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d leave us all alone at home
!" Mary exclaimed, and then her lips and eyes indicated an intention to cry. MA
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